TCAFF 2011 Screening of Triumph67, intimate and provocative

Triumph67 was an official selection at TCAFF last weekend, and the film was well attended and was followed by a great Q&A. The audience was enthusiastic and we had a lot to talk about afterwards. I loved meeting the filmmakers and passionate audience members who attended the screening, and I found it to be quite emotional and relevant to discuss the significance of working with Mohannad Ghawanmeh, my Palestinian co-producer, particularly in the venue of an Arab film festival.

As we look to 2012, Triumph67 will set its sights on festivals with a focus on Arab cinema. Thanks again to TCAFF for recognizing this important film.

Dan Tanz
Driftless Pictures

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Triumph67 to screen @ the Twin Cities Arab Film Festival

Team Triumph67 just attended opening night at the 7th Twin Cities Arab Film Festival, where Triumph67 is an official selection, and will screen November 13th, 2011, at 2:30pm, at the Heights theater.

The opening films were incredible, and curator Rami Azzazi summed up the energy in the room best when he said, “I didn’t realize we needed to hire security.”

The opening films about the Egyptian Revolution were both gripping and beautifully done. No wonder they screened at Cannes. Also, Heba Amin’s film, Voices from the Revolution, was powerful, done on glorious Super8, and sparked some hot dialogue between herself and the audience.

I can’t wait for Sunday’s screening of Triumph67. Our recent interview on KFAI’s Art Matters and TPT’s BelAhdan will help spread the word, as will your support through word of mouth. Hope to see you there!

Dan Tanz
Director, Triumph67

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World Premiere @MSPIFF –Success!

Thanks to everyone who came down to the Minneapolis St. Paul International Film Festival (MSPIFF) last night. The pre-party at Aster Cafe was packed, and a real treat to see so many friends, family, and fans of Triumph67. It was also great to see the stars of the film come out, including Kareem Aal, Sarah Martens, Adam Elsafy, Doug Larison, Mohannad Ghawanmeh, and the list goes on…

The World Premiere was SOLD OUT, and the audience response was wonderful, and so gratifying to hear after so much love and effort went into the making of this film. Watching the sparking summer scenery really from Jeremy Wilker’s stunning cinematography really helped anesthetize against the snow that started coming down when the after-party began in the tent, but once we got inside it was warmly heated, stocked with high class hors d’oeuvres and full of positive energy and great music. I never would have guessed that Stone Temple Pilots would have sounded so good on the vibraphone.

It was wonderful to see supporters from our hugely successful kickstarter campaign come out to see what they had helped create, and it was a real treat to have internationally acclaimed film director, Hisham Bizri attend the world premiere, among other locally acclaimed artists, including Melody Gilbert, Phil Holbrook, and others.

A huge thank you to Lacey Criswell and her highly professional team who photographed the event (among others), and another huge thank you to Clever Kate O’Reilly for helping with promotions, PR, and sales.

And mostly, thank you for your interest in Triumph67, the film that made all of this possible.

Reflecting on the process of Triumph67 at the Q&A session, opening weekend at MSPIFF.

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2nd Screening Scheduled at MSPIFF, Tuesday-April 19th-4:30pm

With a sell out world premiere, days before the theater doors even open at MSPIFF, Triumph67 is offered a 2nd screening to accommodate the droves of film-goers.  Tickets are now available for the second screening, which is also expected to sell out.

Here is the link for the show on Tuesday, April 19th, 4:30pm at St. Anthony Main at MSPIFF:


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World Premiere of Triumph67–SOLD OUT–@MSPIFF!

We recently got the great news that the world premiere of Trumph67 sold out at the Minneapolis  St. Paul International Film Festival (MSPIFF).

After three years of labor, we finally have have delivery!

Our film was the FIRST film to sell out at MSPIFF in 2011.  Many thanks to our cast and crew, friends, family, and the film-arts community for this remarkable show of support.

The film community is buzzing with the word about Triumph67.  Here’s what Rick Vaicius of Flyway had to say about the film:

“For me, Triumph67 is “one of those films.” It has stayed with me, inspired me, and fed me intellectually. It’s refreshing to see a story involving Palestinian-Americans that doesn’t involve rock-throwing or Kalashnikov-wielding.  This is a “real” story– a slice of the Palestinian-American experience and a search for identity in the Midwestern United States.

“Triumph67 should find its ideal audience in the arthouse and film festival world where its deliberately languid pace and its subtle and nuanced story can be fully appreciated.

“Mohannad Ghawanmeh’s performance suits Triumph67 like the well-worn leather jacket he dons or the vintage motorcycle from which the film’s title springs. His voice and onscreen demeanor draw you ever further into Heidi Haaland’s story until you almost feel a part of it.

“Haaland’s script, Dan Tanz’s direction and Jeremy Wilker’s cinematography, in combination, are a deft homage to the great Japanese master, Ozu, whose distinctive technical style and allusive onscreen treatment of defining events might seem forced in less skilled and loving hands. They work in Triumph67 as Ghawanmeh’s character must face his past as he looks for his own identity.”

You can check out more reviews and news by Rick Vaicius at



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Triumph67 to have world premiere at MSPIFF!

Three years in the making, and for just under a $1 million, Driftless Pictures is proud to premiere the feature film drama, Triumph67 at the Minneapolis St. Paul International Film Festival (MSPIFF) on Friday, April 15th, 2011 at 7pm.  Tickets will go on sale soon.

We are excited to have a local premiere, and are looking forward to a large turn out, including many from the cast and crew.

More soon…

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Star Tribune article about Triumph67 and kickstarter

The morning of the Oscars, Triumph67 was featured in an article about successful kickstarter projects.  Next year, maybe we’ll be in tuxedos!

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Post Production for Triumph67 Rages on

This week has been pretty eventful for Triumph67… We called three of our actors back to the set from a year and a half ago, including Sarah Martens, Mohannad Ghawanmeh, and Adam Elsafy, and recreated the look to get what we need to finish the film.  Tonight we are going into the editing suite and re-cutting the film with the new footage.  What a process!  Lots of thanks to the well preserved actors for being able to turn it back on so long after our first wrap.  I am wowed again by your professionalism and talent!

Dan T.

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A year in review for Triumph67

Let’s take a look back at the behind-the-scenes activities of TRIUMPH67 here at the close of 2010. The busy nights and weekends of work haven’t been visible to anyone except close (and very supportive) family members, so here’s a recap:

Dan and Jeremy spent a LOT of time editing the film through the spring and early summer in Jeremy’s edit suite to get the film ready for music, sound mixing and color grading by fall so we could start the film festival submission process. The final 3-4 weeks before our first deadline were stressful, to say the least, with a few difficult hurdles and just not quite enough time, but we did make the deadline for the first big festivals!

In the fall we had a very successful fundraising campaign on and we look forward to producing the final finished film on Blu-Ray/DVD so that we can really begin to properly thank you, our contributors, with your promised credits, discs, books, posters, and parties! We’ve spent a small portion of the funds already on some of the last color work and sound mix.

We had a fun and amazing experience showing our work-in-progress at the Flyway Film Festival in Pepin, Wisconsin, and truly enjoyed seeing our friends, family, and collaborators. It was deeply rewarding, even at that stage, to hear the feedback and comments to our indie creation.

So what is coming in 2011?

We have been applying to an array of film festivals around the world, and we are eager to announce our first public screenings. Don’t worry, you’ll be the first to know when these screenings will take place.

We are cautiously hopeful that we will have our local premiere (and party!) in the Twin Cities sometime this coming spring. Get those ball gowns and tuxedos ready!

Ultimately we plan on making our film available on DVD, Blu-Ray and VOD, which will likely happen before year-end 2011. Whew. Who knew this stuff took so long?!

We’re going to have a fun and eventful year! Cheers to you and all the best in 2011.

— Dan Tanz and the T67 team

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Triumph67 funded on kickstarter!

Thank you to all who supported the kickstarter fundraising campaign for Driftless Pictures’ Triumph67!  The project ended up at 117% funded, thanks to your support.  147 of you funded the project on kickstarter, and helped us promote on facebook, twitter, blogs, and by word of mouth.  Our kickstarter page should stay up with our videos, and be sure to check out the updates as we will post more videos in the upcoming days.

We also put up some of the videos on youtube, so you can check them out there as well.

Once again, thank you to all who showed interest and support for our film, Triumph67.  We are very proud of it, and we appreciate the outpouring of support for independent cinema and our project.

Dan T.

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