Who Are We?
Driftless Pictures, LLC is Dan Tanz’s independent film company.  It was founded in 2009 to make independent, feature films.  DP is a self-contained entity that sees through the process of making films from inception and funding to completion and promotion, across multimedia platforms.  DP has collaborated with a number of film industry professionals and companies, including Moonpost productions, Crash and Sues Films, Waterbury Music and Sound, and a number of others.

Dan Tanz produced and directed the feature film, Triumph67, released in 2011 through Driftless Pictures.  He has also worked with the award-winning show, Mystery Science Theater 3000, and with the Twin Cities Public Television show, Tapes Rolling.  Dan is also a composer and recording artist, and received his B.A. in Studio Arts from Macalester College in 2000.  He  received his M.A. from the University of St. Thomas in 2004, and is an educator in Minneapolis.  He is currently touring with his film, Triumph67.

Artistic Statement
Driftless Pictures makes bold and thought provoking cinema.  DP is focused on creating artistic and relevant projects, and promoting these projects across multimedia platforms.

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