Flyway Film Festival Screening of Triumph67 as a Work in Progress

Super excited!  Last night’s screening at the Flyway Film Festival in Stockholm, Wisconsin was a success!  We packed the venue, and effectively increased the towns population by over 100%.  That has got to be a world record.  Call Guinness (as Ed Harris once said).

So what now?  We’re not resting on our laurels…  No sir.  We’re bringing the film back into the secret room where all the magic happens… pulling here, adjusting there… perfecting, manipulating, agonizing over, and then releasing again… soon… one day very soon…

Rick Vaicius gave a beautiful introduction to Triumph67’s first screening as a work in progress, saying that he fell in love with the film in the first five minutes.  He also recognized the film as an “homage” to a great director… I won’t say which one… See if you can guess when you see it!  Thank you, thank you, thank you, Rick!  We fell in love with your film festival in the first five minutes too.

Keep checking back for more info, and check out the for more info.

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